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We are a truly unique archery club combining top quality and convenience

It is not that easy to find any of the above mentioned features in London (except for location maybe), and we are the only archery club boasting a combination of those :)

We run classes every day at different times

Simply book your archery session online (authorised members only) / give us a quick call (+44 7557 2345 73) / drop text or email with the date/time you'd prefer to have a class, and we'll advise on the availability.

We offer you 3 main options

  1. If you like exploring new cool activities → try our tasting archery session (90 min long coached class with all the equipment - £30 pp) or book a corporate event / party → think about point 2 below.
    This is how our regular one-off 90 min class is structured (you will be shooting with barebow):
    • 5 min theoretical induction
    • 10 min gearing up
    • 5 min warming up
    • 10 min learning the basics of technique
    • 15 min shooting targets at 6m distance
    • 15 min shooting targets at 12m distance
    • 10 min shooting balloons at 12m distance
    • 15 min competition & final tips
    • 5 min smiling whilst taking pictures :)
    Please be aware our classes are supervised at all times, and everyone is required to follow the instructions of the staff for safety reasons.
  2. If you are interested in becoming an independent archer → take our beginners archery course (6 * 90 min classes, for the price of 5 - £150 pp) → think about becoming our club member and train on your own or proceed with an instructor.
    This is how our typical beginners course is structured (no fixed days/times, book each class when it's convenient for you):
    • class 1: as above
    • class 2: shooting Olympic recurve bow at 12m distance
    • class 3: shooting Olympic recurve / barebow (you choose one for the remaining classes) at 12/18m distance
    • class 4: shooting Olympic recurve / barebow (as above) at 12/18m distance, zombie target faces
    • class 5: shooting Olympic recurve / barebow (as above) at 18m distance, preparing for club's shooting test
    • class 6: shooting Olympic recurve / barebow (as above) at 18m distance, taking club's shooting test to be signed off as an independent archer
    You can start your course any day :)
    As soon as you pass club's shooting test with one of the bow types above - you can start learning to shoot compound or traditional bows (we've got English longbows, Korean and Hungarian horsebows, Italian recurve bows).
  3. If you are already an experienced archer → book an induction (15 min long free test session) → train on your own or improve your archery skills greatly with an instructor.
    These are 2 alternative payment options for archers with their own equipment (each all-inclusive, no extras):
    • option 1: £10/£15 per 3 hour session at off-peak/peak time
    • option 2: £125 per month, giving you unlimited shooting time (over 300 hours per month) and a free slot in our storage for your bow
No cancellations are available under 48 hours before the session

Full list of our services (subject to T&Cs)

Services Length Session details Equipment Off-peak1 price Peak2 price Additional info
Beginner: general
1 class 1:30 h Coached,
up to 10 people
Provided 30 Any level of proficiency
6 classes 150 Upfront payment, 3 months to complete the course
Beginner: party / day out (10+ people)
Special event 2:00-2:30 h Coached, your team Provided Individual We can accommodate up to 30 people for a party
Pro: general
Membership /
Joining fee
N/A Free Everyone shooting with us regularly is a club member!
Induction 0:15 h Coached, individual N/provided Free Pass: score every arrow on FITA 40 cm target (20 cm target for compound) from 18m
1 session 3:00 h Uncoached, individual N/provided 10 15 No extra costs, simply PAYG
Provided 15 20
1 class 1:30 h Coached,
up to 10 people
Provided 25 30 Any level of proficiency, highly qualified instructors
Unlimited shoot 1 month Uncoached, individual N/provided 125 Unlimited access peak and off-peak time, free storage for 1 bow // 5% off for 6m, 10% off for 12m upfront
Provided 150 Unlimited access peak and off-peak time //
5% off for 6m, 10% off for 12m upfront
Pro: hawkeye course (advanced superhero bow training)
3 classes 1:00 h Coached, individual Provided 300 Shoot with Hoyt Gamemaster II :) Train like a real Avenger! Become a Hawkeye!
Additional services
Bow storage 1 month N/A 50 Storage for 1 bow
Repairs &
N/A N/A Individual All kind of equipment adjustments and repairs
Gift Certificates
Any of the services above which apply to the recipient's level Individual Valid for 6 months from issue date
Email to buy a gift certificate
Prices per person, in GBP and include VAT
1 Off-peak time: Mon-Fri 10am-5pm
2 Peak time: Mon-Fri 5pm-10pm, Sat-Sun & Bank holidays 10am-8pm