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Archery Fit Family

Archery Fit is the best indoor archery club in London, UK. We are conveniently located in west Greenwich (zone 2) and open 7 days a week 8-12 hours a day. We have 2 separate archery ranges, each 18 m long (standard distance for indoor world championships) with one of those extendable to 30 m (standard distance for indoor fun archery). We are truly committed to providing a unique scope of services and facilities for people of different ages, abilities, interests and tastes. We are archery geeks! Whatever it means :)

Archery Fit was founded in 2015 by a family of two young entrepreneurs. They have lots of interests and hobbies, however their current goal is to deliver the best archery experience in London.

Archery Fit: Kate ZalyubovskayaKate is the head instructor of the club. Her achievements in archery speak for themselves:
- 18 years as a pro archer (since 2001);
- 17 years as a coach (since 2002);
- Russian national champion 2003;
- Coach for 7 London archery champions and 20 medalists (London championship 2019)
- Co-coach for 2 world champions: Albina Loginova & Svetlana Cherkashneva;
- Active author for archery related media;
- Graduate of a sports oriented university.
Kate is most likely to be your personal instructor and share her profound experience, both in theory and practice of archery, in general and sophisticated matters. She also deals with equipment adjustment and repairs. If you have any questions regarding archery - ask Kate :)

Archery Fit: Roman GodkinRoman tackles all strategic, operational, administrative, financial, marketing, PR, GR, HR and other issues the club faces. This is because he is absolutely useless in anything really serious and important. He comes from banking and has no archery background (except for Kate), notwithstanding all Kate's attempts to teach him something.
Roman is really striving to make Archery Fit the best archery place in London (we believe we are in world top-10 by overall criteria) and therefore all feedback is thoroughly comprehended and conclusions drawn. If you have any questions / suggestions / queries / complaints relating to our club - tell Roman, or send him an email if he is not around.

Archery Fit: Kristina DolgilevicaKristina was the first independent instructor to enter Archery Fit family, and there are several reasons why. A long standing barebow and traditional archer Kristina is 2 times winner of Archery Fit championships in Pro groups (men & women together). She is also a history fan having completed her postgraduate dissertation "Revival of Archery Practice in the 18th Century Britain" and now conducting a PhD research on the subject of archery societies in the 18th century England, which definitely makes her the smartest person on archery history in the club :) If you couldn't get answers from other Archery Fit team members, ask Kristina (may cost you double bourbon though)!

Archery Fit: Rebecca DuncanArchery Fit: Lee MitchellArchery Fit: Maiden LimBecca & Lee & Maiden are club's assistant instructors helping us out from time to time :) All started archery with Archery Fit, all made it to the top-100 UK archers (National Indoor Championships 2016, 2017, 2018), all shoot bows not wear them (although Lee sometimes does)! Proficient with each bow style, they also have their preferences - initially shooting with an Olympic recurve, Maiden remains loyal to the choice whereas Becca now tends to stick to a (longbow) stick and Lee has chosen the dark side with the compound (ask him about his bow's name). Wield knowledge these guys!

Archery Fit: Alice TimlettArchery Fit: Michal HolecekThere are two super friendly and hyper responsible team members who are doing their best to make everything run smoothly and timely. They are the magicians ensuring everything stays in due place and happens in due course. Michal & Alice will be the first to welcome you over the phone or personally, answer your questions and book you in :) They will also make you aware of all the club's news and developments posting updates and sharing photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These guys are the first to come and last to leave and are here for you!

Archery Fit: Emma RaymerArchery Fit: Yel ZamorWith Archery Fit family continuously growing (together with the scope of tasks) it unexpectedly turned out that some of our members are keen to voluntarily help the club! Our Equipment Officer Emma pioneered at the end of 2016, taking on the most part of club's arrows and strings repairs! Another successful archer (medal holder in 3 bowstyles) to join the staff as a volunteer, Emma has been making an enormous contribution to Archery Fit day to day operations! Yel entered the team as Tournament Officer in the beginning of 2018, introducing and maintaining the list of Archery Fit knights away missions - check the club whiteboard. Thanks to Yel, club members can now join their efforts to beat hard levels together :)

Archery Fit: Gecko KatiaArchery Fit: Gecko MarusiaArchery Fit: Gecko SvetaKatia & Marusia & Sveta are the most extravagant part of our team. To list just a few features of their life style: follow extreme high-protein diet (eat once a week, insects mainly), advocate exhibitionism (live in clear aquarium, stay naked), wield superpowers (proactively use intermolecular forces literally with every step). In addition they are the most dedicated club members residing here 24/7. True Archery Fit gecko geeks!

We are all here for you, interested in every person coming to our club. We strive to make everyone feel comfortable and pleased. We greatly appreciate any feedback (there are a lot of social media links all around) and are doing our utmost to be the place you enjoy ;)

Legal stuff:
Company name: Archery Fit Ltd
Company number: 08922952 (England and Wales)
Registered office (and postal address): Archery Fit Ltd, Hatfield House, Merryweather Place, London, SE10 8EW

Club name: Archery Fit London (affiliated with Archery GB)
Club number: 2663

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